Born in 1986 in Warsaw, where she lives and works, Joanna graduated with distincion from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. She also studied Graphics (Image Imprimée) at the École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Paris. She is a co-creator of Blok Żab. atelier and Turboposter group. She works in medias such as painting, drawing, graphics and interactive installation.

Selected exhibitions and projects:

2014 – Painting exhibition ‘Colorically’, ‘New York Gallery’, Warsaw
2014 – Painting exhibition ‘Bravo Lovely’, Radna 6/8 Gallery, Warsaw
2014 – Graffiti Jam, ‘Make it on the square vol. 4’, Warsaw
2014 – Painting exhibition, ‘Movements’ & ‘the Family’, Basilia, Warsaw
2014 – ‘bARTer, images for exchange’ project, Blok Żab. atelier, Warsaw
2013 – Poster exhibition, „Night of the Museums in the Block”, Blok Żab. atelier, Warsaw
2012 – Poster exhibition ‘Performeria Warszawy’, Squat Przychodnia, Warsaw                           
2012 – Poster exhibition, 23rd International Poster Biennale in Warsaw
2012 – Poster exhibition ‘Turboposter’, Między Nami, Warsaw
2011 – Exhibition, Night of the Museums, GPW, Warsaw
2011 – Exhibition ‘Drawings from Graphics’ Klatka Gallery, Warsaw
2011 – Poster exhibition, Przy Automacie Gallery, Warszawa
2010 – Installation, exhibition in BizArt Gallery, Shanghai
2010 – Poster exhibition, 4th International Student Poster Biennale in Nowy Sad
2010 – Poster exhibition, International Graphics Festival, Echirolles
2010 – finals, european poster competition ‘The river and the city’, Vitry-sur-Seine, France
2009 – „We are for sale” happening, Academy of Fine Arts, Warsaw
2009 – Interactive installations, Ljubljana, Slovenia
2008 – Nagroda Rektora ASP w Warszawie, Konkurs Grafika Warszawska, galeria TEST
2008 – Painting exhibition, Fryderyk Chopin University of Music, Warsaw